Puppies born January 20th, 2011, 2 males and 9 females.

FatherSaint Verna Amazing Fritz (Finland) HD and ED Free

Mother: NORDUCH  Sweet Saint´s Angel of Beauty HD and ED Free

Sweet Saint´s Heart Of Gold- Hubbe
HD A and ED 0

Sweet Saint’s Hattori Hanzo- Gibbzon

Sweet Saint´s Hold Your Heart- Myra
HD A & ED 0

16 months old.

2 years old.

3 years old.

Sweet Saint´s Here Without You- Hera
HD A & ED 0

Sweet Saint´s High On Life- Heily
Export Norway. 

Sweet Saint´s Heartfelt Romance- Fluffy
Export Norway.

Sweet Saint´s Heart Over Mind- Heta
Export Finland.

Sweet Saint´s Hide And Seek- Wilma
HD A & ED 0

Sweet Saint´s Handmade Pearl- Ebba
HD A & ED 0

Sweet Saint´s Heaven On Earth- Ärtan

Sweet Saint’s Hello Kitty
HD C & ED 0