Puppies born May 3rd, 2010, 4 males and 2 females.

Father: C.I.B NLCH SEUCH Ambassador V.H Borgerbos (Netherlands) HD and ED Free

Mother: NORDUCH  Sweet Saint´s Angel of Beauty HD and ED Free


Sweet Saint´s Grand New Illusion- Lukas
Longhaired male, HD and ED Free.

6 months old.

Sweet Saint’s Greatest Challenge- Challe
HD A and ED 0

8 months old.

2 years old. 

Sweet Saint’s Going Into Pieces- Isac

Sweet Saint´s Guardian Of Love- Harry
HD C and ED 3.

Sweet Saint´s Glourious Golda Meir
Longhaired female. HD and ED Free

Sweet Saint´s Genuine Summer Breeze- Gina
Shorthair female. Export Norway.

5 months old

8 months old